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    415 A engine cylinder head is an machinery for Baic Yinxiang company custom four-cylinder engine cylinder head, main adapter baic car models, its superior performance, high pass rate, an mechanical consecutive for Baic YX company.
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    Identification of product: 415CDisplacement: 1.5LSupporting manufacturers: BAICYINXIANGMatching model: Miniature/SUV
    415 C an engine cylinder head is machinery for baic yinxiang company custom four-cylinder engine cylinder head, main adapter baic car models, its superior performance, high pass rate, an mechanical consecutive for baic yinxiang company
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Chongqing hechuan has built a motorcycle industry chain to highlight the cluster effect

Date: 2017-08-11
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重庆合川大足两地构建汽摩产业链  凸显集群效应

投资去哪儿 2015年度样本

From January to November this year, the industrial added value of the city was ranked in the top 10 districts and counties, and the urban development area accounted for five. In the first three quarters, the urban development zone completed a total industrial output value of 628.2 billion yuan, surpassing the urban function development area for the first time, accounting for 41.2 percent of the city's scale industry.

In the development of the new city, ocean and dazu county is for automobile and motorcycle parts and advantage of industry cluster, cluster effect, park industry scale and the cluster effect to emerge, and driving the development of the entire district industry economy actively.


Build the automobile manufacturing industry chain

When the dead of winter, the town of ocean zone soil field baic silver cheung automobile co., LTD., production base is busy as usual: a car and a car parts are sent to here, after assembly into a brand-new car, waiting to be sent to all parts of the country and southeast Asia, Russia and other international markets.

"Yinxiang is our biggest customer, with 80 per cent of total engine leverage and 20,000 per month." Wen 'an machinery co., LTD. General manager lei qingming said. In fact, in the eastern industrial park of hechuan, such as wen 'an, there are now more than 30 emergency beaches, covering the upstream and downstream of the automobile production chain.

In the second half of this year, as the first special reloading vehicle of the Taiwan yuanchuang automobile project of the industrial park in hechuan district was officially offline, another car company was added to the area to reach five. Taiwan yuanchuang automobile project will invest 1 billion yuan to build electric vehicles and various special reloading vehicles for research and development and production base, which will achieve an output value of 700 million yuan.

It is understood that the project with "ocean industrial park in the back of the mold, changxing machinery, SaGu dense, and so on more than 30 core parts of the car production enterprises to build into automobile manufacturing complete industrial chain, new energy vehicles and special vehicles can be completed on core parts to the whole car production, marks the region from extensive development phase into automobile manufacturing industry agglomeration integration stage, the automobile manufacturing industrial concentration and greatly enhance the overall competitiveness.

Build a nest to take aim at "five high"

This is a microcosm of the transformation and upgrading of the hechuan industry. Last year, the hechuan industry held its head in the "100 billion club". From the energy industry of the past "one-industry", to today's diversified industries race to develop.

According to statistics, 1 ~ 11 months, ocean area scale industrial production rose 13.6%, led the city the first place, with baic silver cheung, phantom speed as the leading industry, shun bo aluminum alloy, and other enterprises as the core of the new material industry maintained a rapid growth momentum.

"Industrial parks play an important role in the development of the industrial economy in hechuan." Zhang yongjun, chairman of the committee of the hechuan district committee and director of the industrial zone management committee, said that in recent years, the growth of traditional energy and materials industries in hechuan has slowed down and need to find new areas of growth. In recent years, the industrial park on the industry positioning, actively aiming high taxes, high-growth, high-tech, high investment, high output of the "five high" industry, promote the new industrialization, further improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development.


Highway convenience has become an important advantage

Also in the development of the auto industry, there are large areas. Dazu county area by letter committee long run coco QinYong introduction, automobile and parts, equipment manufacturing, modern hardware, such as the three major traditional advantage industry, is currently continue to play a role of main engine, three big industry scale total industrial output value 41.65 billion yuan, accounting for 80.1% of the gross value of industrial output scale, has contributed nearly 80% of industrial growth. Cars and components are particularly visible.

According to qin yong, the main city of chongqing is very close to the main city. The expressway is only 90 minutes away from chengdu. Chongqing rong and chengdu-chongqing high-speed railway, chengdu-chongqing high-speed, high-speed chongqing three-ring, chengdu-chongqing railway passenger dedicated line, and accelerate the ntu three high-speed, high-speed commuter rail, neijiang to dazu county, formed a "well" glyph such as airport traffic artery.

As the introduction of motorcycle vehicle production, in May last year, the grand liantai motor industrial park signed the contract with the large and ancient industrial park. In just a year, the industrial park has been transformed from a barren wasteland to a land of motor companies.

"We started construction in December last year and started trial production in late October. We have already produced 12,000 units of motorcycles." Big league series motorcycle industrial park, head Tan Cai said, convenient transportation is considered the most important factor of settled in dazu county, the current industrial park has been the production of whole vehicle covering parts, lamps and lanterns, chassis, automobile and motorcycle related enterprises have formed a complete automobile and motorcycle parts and the whole industry chain.

We will energetically build the auto industry cluster

As one of the pillar industries of "6 + 1" in the whole city, the modern auto industry is one of the key development industries in the industrial park, and the modern auto industry cluster in the park has begun to take shape. At present, the company has introduced 12 enterprises, such as major league, lichon, Eva, motorcycle, etc., with a total investment of 3.2 billion yuan and a motorcycle production capacity of 1.2 million vehicles.

In addition, in the year to June, dazu county has formed with copper cash group (chongqing) tires, chongqing heavy vehicle, anshan bekaert tyre cord companies such as represented by the 412 auto and components industry. In accordance with the plan, dazu county to develop the heavy vehicle, speed up the development of automobile and motorcycle parts industry, the construction of heavy duty automobile and automobile and motorcycle parts industry cluster, and strive to achieve gross value of industrial output 40 billion yuan by 2020.

In addition to the automobile and motorcycle and parts, dazu county of transformation and upgrading of industry is also seeking, and get rid of the single development pattern, positive development of equipment manufacturing layout (including intelligent equipment), modern hardware, electronic information, circular economy, energy resources, tourism products and agricultural products processing industry, has introduced a giant teng project, chongqing robot, changtai robot, Fuji elevator and a series of projects.

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