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    Release time: 2017 - 08 - 10
    Identification of product: 153Displacement: 2.0L/2.0TSupporting manufacturers: Foreign TradeMatching model: SUV
    The engine cylinder cover is a four-cylinder engine cylinder cover produced by wen 'an machinery for international customers. Its performance is high and the qualified rate is high, and the customer's approval and favorable comments are obtained.
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    Identification of product: 415ADisplacement: 1.5LSupporting manufacturers: Chongqing Kaite power/Baic Yin XiangMatching model: Miniature/SUV
    415 A engine cylinder head is an machinery for Baic Yinxiang company custom four-cylinder engine cylinder head, main adapter baic car models, its superior performance, high pass rate, an mechanical consecutive for Baic YX company.
  • Release time: 2017 - 08 - 10
    Identification of product: 415CDisplacement: 1.5LSupporting manufacturers: BAICYINXIANGMatching model: Miniature/SUV
    415 C an engine cylinder head is machinery for baic yinxiang company custom four-cylinder engine cylinder head, main adapter baic car models, its superior performance, high pass rate, an mechanical consecutive for baic yinxiang company
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    465 zongshen engine cylinder head is an machinery for zongshen power custom four-cylinder engine cylinder head, main adapter zongshen power car models, its superior performance, percent of pass is high, an mechanical consecutive for zongshen power distribution
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    Release time: 2017 - 08 - 11
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    The 474 engine cylinder head is the four-cylinder engine cylinder head which is produced by the wenan machinery market. Its performance is high and the qualified rate is high, and it is constantly being praised by customers.
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China microcar accessories industry base project "marriage" hechuan

Date: 2017-08-11
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Nearly five years to changan department is the backbone of domestic minicar giant, led to the east wind well-off, baic silver cheung, brilliance xinyuan, wuling, isuzu, lifan, 14 minicar brand settled in and the spanning development of production and sales; In 2014, chongqing auto sales exceeded 2.62 million vehicles, accounting for more than 11% nationwide. According to the forecast, in 2015, we are expected to sell more than 3 million cars in our city, and the total output value will exceed 460 billion yuan, of which, the amount of microcars will account for more than 70 percent. Chongqing has become the largest microcar production base in China.

Since 2014, the all-china federation of automobile motorcycle parts products industry association has been plotting the establishment of a match the vehicle industry base "Chinese minicars parts industry base", to establish national minicar measure of industry cluster. After investigation and planning, hechuan district has won the "hydrangea" with clear automobile industrial layout and unique location advantage. The industrial economic corridor in the eastern part of hechuan district is officially awarded as "China's micro-car accessories industry base", which marks the official "marriage" of the "zhong" word project.

The landing on the project construction, will play "in the" font size industry alliance and the role of resource integration, the development of chongqing micro owners with industry to provide complementary "main distribution, retail trade, technological innovation, supply chain finance, Internet commerce" services, such as industry chain to enhance the overall cost-effective advantage of the chongqing minicar industry has far-reaching strategic influence!

A, China's microcar host industry is well deserved

Relevant data show that in changan for bibcock, in 2012, chongqing minicar vehicle production, supporting system, autonomous level, etc has been in the country's first, is a national industrial base of minicars. The so-called "mini car", or a0, is the most compact type of car. The number of seats is divided into two versions and four editions. Most of the mini cars are between 2.0 and 2.3 meters in wheelbase, with a length of 3.65 meters. The engine's displacement is mainly 0.8l, 1.0l, 1.0t and 1.2l. Because of its small size, high cost performance and energy saving and environmental protection, the minicar is popular among consumers for the basic travel of small families and senior white-collar workers. But as in recent years, the state advocates energy conservation and emissions reduction, supported and encouraged the development of new energy vehicles, a group of Internet companies such as tesla, apple, tencent, Google and other big push into the car research and development, the automobile industry 4.0 field, more attention paid to the development of minicars, its definition and the extension of the original product is more and more rich: one is introverted two-seater short, hybrid city development; Second, rural market to MPV/SUV, compact 4-seat / 6 development, integrated micro - passenger microcard features.

In the past two years, the brand "black horse", such as weiwang and the phantom speed, has been promoted in chongqing, which has received special attention from the industry. According to incomplete statistics, chongqing production capacity will reach 4.7 million cars in the next two years or so, which generalized the minicar scale of production capacity of about 3 million vehicles, more than 2000 radiation minicars supporting system, only Beijing silver cheung drive on industrial park at the core of the enterprises will be increased more than 40. "The comparative study, according to the chongqing automobile industry overall strength and current foreign export chongqing new European railway channel flow conditions, such as comprehensive evaluation, chongqing is the definition of minicars industry base in China, conforms to the historical, present and future, deserves it!" Li baomin, secretary general of the automobile motorcycle accessories industry association of China national federation of industry and commerce.

B, "zhong" industry chamber of commerce plan China's microcar parts industry base dream

According to the research of China's mini-car market from 2015 to 2020, rural township family economy car consumption will peak with the improvement of road condition and the number of kilometers in county roads in China. The rural market added that the number of cars in China will reach 200 million by 2020 and the number of used cars will exceed 30 million. The microcar is one of the most powerful toner models in the second-hand market, which plays an important role in the circulation of the high - middle and low grade models, and the supply of accessories and the construction of channel clustering are crucial. In the southwest region, especially in sichuan and chongqing, the sales volume of microcars is the highest and the proportion of rural residents in the county area is larger.Due to the distribution of the automobile industry in recent years (especially with technology and market power enterprises) do not match with hosts, enterprise distribution, logistics distribution and technical service radius is too large, high cost of logistics management, research and development, enterprise quality problems such as uneven resources utilization, these enterprises urgently need to be the main energy into the micro car factory focus, large market potential areas for agriculture, and gradually establish a headquarters. The all-china federation of automobile motorcycle parts products industry association chamber of commerce as the authority of the national industry has been focused on the trend, guide development of the industry, a year ago was brewing a match with the minicars makers industry base of industry base, establish a national "with its own headquarters base", and points out that in five years, to build internationally competitive "Mosaic" minicars industry, advance in chongqing minicar with a larger share of eastern Europe, west Asia and southeast Asia market.

"We firmly believe in the responsibility and obligation of the industry chamber of commerce in China to meet the development needs of China's micro-car accessories industry base in chongqing. Li baomin said.

C, hechuan new gravity eastern industrial economic corridor won "hydrangea"

The "marriage" of China's microcar parts industry is a "dream trip".

The process effective in recent years on industrial engines and the implementation of the strategy of economic achievements of the coordinated development of the tertiary industry, ocean has played a "wide and hence south" deeply the role of the bridgehead chengdu-chongqing economic circle, highlights the sanjiang confluence of economic geography advantage.

On as early as in 2010 began to auto industry billions of plan layout, the introduction of baic silver cheung industrial park, the project has now become the center of the southwest of Beijing automotive group, the only production base, has introduced a new machine in green buses, wuzhou dragon southwest, Taiwan yuan chong, fortune motorcycle, wangjiang, sea dog, Kim chang bo of the next year, Kate, Korean auto companies such as a seat more than 40. In 2014, the output value of automobile exceeded 20 billion yuan, forming an eastern industrial economic corridor with two towns as the axis of soil, qingping and two towns, and the automobile industry was one of the largest industries in hechuan.

 however, the most important thing is that on the investment promotion and capital introduction devoid of "national investment promotion", in the process of implementation of the law "type," selected, that is, from the industry chain is related to partition benefits, from domestic to international horizons, the industrial capital into commercial capital three big system, make sure project sustainability, not repeat, hollow, vicious competition, formed the "five don't recruit general election," iron law "selected admitted. "There is a cottage and a high threshold. Companies that are weak and not in line with industrial policy will have to step back, and quality projects will be on the mainstream." These investment operation mode, formed on the most clear, the most scientific and rigorous industry overall planning, this is the phase of the core brand enterprise soft power, the new gravity "ocean" also established the Chinese federation of industry and commerce for automobile chamber of commerce and from all the eight with the confidence of the chamber of commerce barons.

Eastern industrial economic corridor as auto industry area, cohesion, article 2 of the 3 railway and three loop, only 20 km from the liangjiang new area, adjacent to chongqing minicars as the most concentrated in northern area, radius of logistics are within 20 kilometers. The ocean near the urban core, and provincial, forming a unique ocean economy "fell two head, balanced development" of the big pattern, the industry body lead, agricultural tourism integration of tertiary industry, the interactive equilibrium. The secret of this is that the absolute endowment of the three rivers and the ecological and water resources is the cornerstone of the industry's dream industry.

D, hechuan "dancing" automobile industry engine is intended to advance into the "three - ring economy"

Hechuan has the unique three first: the main agricultural and vice agricultural products per capita, water resources per capita first, railway density first. The next few years, will form the three economic geography advantage first: three rivers as navigation ability first, first in chongqing railway, three-ring after linking with distance on the nearest point (qingping town). These advantages led directly on become surplus labor transfer in the highest rate of districts and counties, for all enterprises to form long-term introduction of human resources strategic advantage - it is the deepest ocean economic value, is also the hard power of three-ring economic circle at the lottery.

Qingping town, the zero-distance three-loop line, is also the closest point of hechuan distance to the second ring, and the automobile industry belt is laid out here, which is undoubtedly the "singularity" and "axis point" of an engine. In 2015, the focus on the construction of "the outskirts of chongqing railway line, nutrient-laden Tuo freight station, chongqing to the combination of high speed, high speed and long jin highway" and other projects, intended to break into chongqing three-ring ahead of economic circle, promote the upgrade version of ocean economy. Chinese minicars accessories industry base settled in qingping, will be built minicars accessories research "production - trade and logistics, supply chain finance - the import and export platform - based business" as one of the industrial complex logic strong motor city fusion.

Three years ago, offshoring ChaoTianMen market rise, fish mouth industrial district, south highway logistics base construction, the concept of double blessing peng such big events leading up to the farmer's landing on chongqing economic times, sharp break into consciousness and behavior have metro, south bank, liangjiang new area, tasted the sweets. For example, jiangjin will become the new trading and logistics district, setting up new city value. In this interpretation, the ocean will make use of suburban railway links with the city proper, tricyclic and other counties, by using the convergence of three rivers landscape resources, to build a new "urban tourism and leisure satellite city", "fell two head, balanced development" to realize the three major industries of the ecological economic dream! This will undoubtedly bring more imagination and creative space to the 13th five-year economic development of hechuan.

Chinese minicars accessories industry base is located in qingping town under the third ring road crossing golden village, purposive national industry standard of the largest and highest quality, the early stage of the project will focus on around "supply chain finance service platform" and "foreign trade integrated services platform" two core operating model construction, do big micro match "made in chongqing, the world pin" online intangible market, open ocean three-ring economic background.

China's micro-car parts industry base project covers an area of about 1,900 mu and the construction scale is about 2 million square meters, with a total investment of 6.5 billion yuan. Project investors, operators by steam micro bo industrial group, etc, are engaged in auto parts industry brand enterprises, and realize the real industrial capital and industrial capital, to ensure that the late operation technology and the scientific use of capital, to avoid the enterprise without industry, industry operating the hollowing out of ills.

It is reported that the biggest operational highlight of the project is to build a comprehensive service platform for automobile distribution and a financial services platform for the Internet of things. After the operation is expected, the first annual trade volume of this platform will exceed 15 billion yuan, which will become the benchmark of the national micro-distribution industry base.

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