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    Release time: 2017 - 08 - 10
    Identification of product: 153Displacement: 2.0L/2.0TSupporting manufacturers: Foreign TradeMatching model: SUV
    The engine cylinder cover is a four-cylinder engine cylinder cover produced by wen 'an machinery for international customers. Its performance is high and the qualified rate is high, and the customer's approval and favorable comments are obtained.
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    Identification of product: 415ADisplacement: 1.5LSupporting manufacturers: Chongqing Kaite power/Baic Yin XiangMatching model: Miniature/SUV
    415 A engine cylinder head is an machinery for Baic Yinxiang company custom four-cylinder engine cylinder head, main adapter baic car models, its superior performance, high pass rate, an mechanical consecutive for Baic YX company.
  • Release time: 2017 - 08 - 10
    Identification of product: 415CDisplacement: 1.5LSupporting manufacturers: BAICYINXIANGMatching model: Miniature/SUV
    415 C an engine cylinder head is machinery for baic yinxiang company custom four-cylinder engine cylinder head, main adapter baic car models, its superior performance, high pass rate, an mechanical consecutive for baic yinxiang company
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    Identification of product: 465zongshenDisplacement: 1.0LSupporting manufacturers:ZongshenPowerMatching model: Miniature
    465 zongshen engine cylinder head is an machinery for zongshen power custom four-cylinder engine cylinder head, main adapter zongshen power car models, its superior performance, percent of pass is high, an mechanical consecutive for zongshen power distribution
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    Release time: 2017 - 08 - 11
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    The 474 engine cylinder head is the four-cylinder engine cylinder head which is produced by the wenan machinery market. Its performance is high and the qualified rate is high, and it is constantly being praised by customers.
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What are the rapid changes in the global market of auto parts companies

Date: 2013-12-11
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Overseas mergers and acquisitions have become an important way to realize the leap-forward development of Chinese auto parts. According to statistics, the total outbound investment of China's automobile industry reached us $10 billion in 2015, of which more than 80% of the components and components are accounted for. Since 2016, the auto parts industry has acquired 20 overseas acquisitions and disclosed transactions worth nearly $9 billion.

In recent years, the influential overseas m&a cases include the acquisition of Italy pirelli tire company by chemchina in 2015, and the acquisition of ZF's bogo company in 2014. Back in 2011, beiqi hainakawa's wholly-owned acquisition of the world's second largest panoramic skylight company, the Netherlands inna, and other cases were quite remarkable. The hero is not asking for his provenance, but he has been making bold moves abroad as well as international representatives like China aviation industry and private enterprises such as ningbo.

But from a global view, several leading enterprises overseas operation is difficult to really change China auto parts industry for many years the industrial chain of low status, independent research and development ability is low, low level of industry concentration degree is low and the international business of "four low" situation.

China auto parts of overseas m&a target enterprise mainly concentrated to the traditional engine, transmission system, interior, air conditioning and other foreign companies a high degree of monopoly market segment, thus, the current auto parts enterprise overseas m&a strategy start-point also supplement the product line, expand business scale and improve the domestic market share, and to enter the international mainstream manufacturers global supply system as the highest goal.

From a longer-term perspective, China's leading parts companies are also looking forward to a more forward-looking and positive layout in the field of global automotive frontier technology.

The subversives from silicon valley

The century-old global auto industry is in the midst of a period of great change in technology and innovation. New energy, intelligent interconnection and autonomous driving have become the main trends in the future development of the automotive industry. The biggest future winners in the global car ecosystem are likely to come from silicon valley instead of the traditional "7 + 2" group. In the first week of June, tesla's market value soared to an astonishing $58 billion, making it the nation's largest car company by market value, well ahead of the traditional giants general motors and ford. In addition to tesla's shock effect, Google, apple, UBER silicon valley giants such as enormous implications not only for automotive technology, are more likely to upset the operation mode of the automobile industry hundred years survival and people's basic way to travel.

Google is gaining insight into the entire automotive industry based on data, and has been used in the automotive industry with the use of autonomous driving technology and in-car information entertainment systems. "We want people to have a user experience like the IPHONE when they're in the car," TIMCOOK said. "If apple is introducing a new car, it's likely to have a disruptive effect on the IPHONE and the IPHONE on nokia and blackberry," it said. UBER has created a car-sharing model that allows car users to enjoy the world without having to own a car.

In China, some say the car market has changed more in the past five years than in the previous five years. Chinese consumers are far ahead of the world in accepting new technologies such as new energy vehicles, car electronics and interconnection. China's regulations on energy conservation and regulation of industry regulation are constantly improving and upgrading. Industry on the eve of the revolution, more and more non-traditional players including BAT have all entered the car industry, the car itself is becoming a important carrier of numerous innovative technology, which means that the traditional automobile enterprises must have a cross-industry perspective, learn and related industries, such as consumer electronics, Internet, etc.) cross-industry competition and cooperation.

In this context, the world's leading auto parts companies are actively restructuring their assets in recent years to speed up asset allocation so as to keep up with and even lead the change trend. It is worth noting that the strategy of the leading global enterprises is to optimize the allocation of assets under the precondition of layout. Bosch, Delphi, China, and zef are all busily splitting up the traditional business of selling their future prospects and focusing instead on areas of high profitability and high growth prospects.

One of the world's largest auto parts supplier Delphi the United States recently announced the stripping with traditional internal combustion engine related business, focus more on electric vehicles and automated driving technology related business. Delphi a detachment of the annual income of about $4.5 billion powertrain and other traditional low profit business, a positive and layout the future business, through a series of continuous acquisition and set up the software company in silicon valley is trying to establish a leadership position in the field of automated driving.

How can Chinese companies avoid "buying the past, not the future"?

Regardless of the industry, at a critical moment in the industry transition period, it is customary for the world's leading companies to spin off the business of selling off the promising development and to actively lay out the industrial chain's winning links. In such a process, financial restructuring is only a tactical instrument and highly subordinated to the transformation strategy.

Based on the personal computer business is difficult to reappear a massive innovation opportunity "this basic judgment, in 2004, IBM decided to transition to the IT service areas, which have still profitable period of PC business to lenovo group in China, then paid $14 billion for 25 software company with data mining and analysis services, achieve a radical transformation. And lenovo group by means of this breathtaking leap, finally realized the dream of become the global PC industry champion, but in the PC hardware demand declining industry trends and irreversible "mobile context, in the near future and the new strategic dilemma.

A more obvious case is TCL's merger with the global TV company, Thompson. The latter occupied the position of global TV industry for many years, and in 2004, TCL acquired Thompson to become the world's largest color TV company. However, the merger of TCL and Thomson's color TV business has just been completed, and the new generation of LCD LCD technology has swept the world, and Thomson's traditional CRT imaging tube technology has quickly become the yellow flower of tomorrow. TCL was seeing the Thomson is a representative of traditional color television market share, production capacity and brand value, ignoring the color TV technology rapid iteration, see only the past, ignore the future.

Obviously, Chinese companies are trying to avoid the "buy in the past, don't buy the future" trap in the process of buying and buying overseas. For automotive industry, has a huge domestic market demand, has the time difference of Chinese and foreign market demand characteristics, can continue with the service market as a support for many years, technology upgrades may not be a devastating impact in the short term, but with the rapid integration of automotive and consumer electronics, auto parts technology of rapid iteration is happening, combined with the overseas mergers and acquisitions is a highly complexity and high risk management activity, the enterprise must invest valuable financial resources and senior team time resources, and therefore should not only see the moment, more should actively layout in the future, at the same time, avoid by all means in the business we can quickly fade consume valuable strategic resource.

The ability of internationalization has become the key of the component enterprises

As the world's first automotive market and production base, China is supposed to produce world-class parts makers. Like the vehicle enterprises, Chinese auto parts companies are also shouldering the important mission of making big and strong China's automobile industry. Made in China 2025, we have made it clear that we will build 3-5 international competitive parts groups and several well-known parts brands.

What are the capabilities of Chinese companies to survive and develop in a rapidly changing global auto parts market? Obviously, international capability has become a key winning key. A new generation of Chinese car parts leaders must have a global vision and a sense of forward-looking thinking, as well as the ability to integrate resources across borders.

1. Global strategic vision and market trend insight.

Auto industry is undoubtedly one of the most globalised industry, although compared with vehicle, auto parts industry clearly state of fragmentation, but the current is in the midst of the global industry consolidation, big change of key period, look only at the moment, don't look at the future, only local, don't look at the overall, trees, trees, lack of strategic vision of globalization will only fall behind, eventually not escape out of fate.

2. The ability to collaborate across borders.

Through technical cooperation, capital cooperation to build a solid strategic cooperative relationship determines the whole zero can auto parts enterprises in maintaining survival ability, and in the car rapidly beyond the traditional thinking in a new era of ecological boundaries, whether cross-border thinking and cooperative ability will determine who can go better and further.

3. The ability to integrate resources globally has become the key to success in the future.

China has only two companies, yanfeng and citic, on the list of the world's top 100 auto parts in 2016 released by the us auto news. To map rising industry in the whole world, to master the core technology and intellectual property rights, and expand global sales network and strategic clients, obtain valuable international talents, cross-border m&a is becoming indispensable to the expansion of the realistic path and core competencies.

The car sector's geely offers the best example of a grassroots counterattack. When li shufu decided to enter the automotive world 20 years ago, who believed that geely could build a decent car? Seven years ago, how many people were not suspicious of geely's prospects of acquiring VOLVO cars? Three years ago, how many Chinese second-tier city dwellers were willing to pay for a geely car?

Need special pointed out that in the process of carry out overseas mergers and acquisitions, first of all, don't forget to beginner's mind, set a clear business development strategy, overseas mergers and acquisitions as a tactical approach should be obedient to their own development strategy, do not put the cart before the horse. Second, in the process of looking for overseas m&a target, need to know about global market trends and domestic industrial policy guidance and change, avoid blindly in order to expand business scale and become the foreign capital giant divestitures of flange, avoid by all means "bought in the past, lost the future". Finally must form the rapid integration after the merger ability, grasp the Chinese and foreign automobile market demand change lag, within a specific time window for acquisition of the business and own business system, truly become the true master of m&a enterprises.

The global auto industry is undergoing all-round transformation and innovation, with unprecedented opportunities and challenges. In the next decade, will China be able to emerge as a truly global competitive parts group? Let's wait and see.

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