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Made in Japan, auto parts enter the depths of the blue sea

Date: 2013-12-11
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Last week, the bankruptcy of Japan's top auto airbag supplier takata became the focus of the market. Subsequently, the Chinese owners of American buyers have also become the focus.

Japan makes the biggest bankruptcy case

On June 26th the world's 21 foreign subsidiaries were also bankrupted, as airbags recalled the struggling takata to file for bankruptcy protection at a Tokyo district court. The tse decided to delist takata from June 27.

The "car airbag recall" has been around takata for almost a decade, and the Japanese company, which has a history of more than 80 years, has been overwhelmed by the response. It is said to be worth more than $10 billion, a record for Japan's manufacturing bust after world war ii. The bankruptcy was the biggest manufacturing bust in Japan's history.

Takada global airbag 20% market share, ranked second in the world, second only to Germany autoliv (30% market share), with Toyota, Honda, ford, BMW, and other car manufacturers have a long-term stable cooperative relations, was once the industry recognized as a symbol of "security".

In fact, takata's eventual bankruptcy is not particularly surprising. Takada's airbag mass safety problems in recent years, the use of airbag filling material if long time exposed to high humidity and high temperature environment, will explode, causing metal debris flew to car passengers, the airbag problem has led to the global 17 people were killed and 100 injured.

Founded in 1933, takata was once known in the industry as a "symbol of security". The earliest, takata mainly engaged in textile industry, using weaving technology to produce the lifeline. In 1960, the first two - point seatbelts were developed and began to emerge in the field of safe spares. Then takata formally began producing airbags in 1987, making it the world's second-largest manufacturer of automotive safety products.

The nikkei business daily commented that the market was sorry for the official exit of an 84-year old manufacturing company

The airbag issue was reported more than a decade ago, but takata has been slow to pay attention, mainly because of the Japanese operation system backed by big business, lack of attention to consumers and crisis awareness. This is a common problem for many Japanese companies.

The collapse of takata would have a knock-on effect, worsening the performance of many other car-parts subcontractors and even causing job losses in some parts of Japan. Japan yihong into the tillage of the minister, said the Japanese government has issued instructions starting with takada to trade the guarantee system of small and medium-sized enterprises, to provide working capital, at any time to prepare the temporary support for the enterprise, prevent vicious cycle of serial bankruptcy situation.

American buyers emerged

On the same day, the American bailey car safety system (KSS) announced that it had agreed with takata to buy an asset purchase agreement after the bankruptcy of takata. KSS, one of the world's top automotive safety systems suppliers, will buy takata's main business for $1.6 billion, including seat belts and child safety seats. The two parties have signed the memorandum of understanding.

According to the 21st century business herald, the deal was aimed at the assets of takata's bankruptcy, so it could avoid the risk of debt and litigation. KSS purchased assets, paid to takata's bankruptcy management board for compensation and litigation, and how the subsequent handling of airbag recalls has nothing to do with the new buyer KSS. This allows KSS to focus and develop its business.

With the frequent recall of accidents and airbags in takata, the automobile safety market pattern has changed.

Takata's customers are facing the encroachment of the three other automotive safety systems suppliers, otto liffe, tianhe and KSS.

In 2016, KSS had a good track record, receiving nearly $5 billion in new orders and opening up more projects and customers. If the merger is successful, the entire capacity of KSS will be large, with the help of plants and facilities around the world.

The KSS next will sign agreements with the 14 manufacturers to ensure that the risk isolation and future orders of the takata airbag recall event are ongoing. These include Japan, North America and major European automakers such as BMW, mercedes-benz, Volkswagen, ford, general motors, Toyota, Honda and nissan.

Can, of course, the final agreement signed subsequent due diligence and negotiation depends on the company, and need with 14 of the world's major vehicle manufacturers and high administration commission agreed, so the offer is still uncertain.

Forced open the door of the world

Then came the KSS parent company, China sheng electronics (600699). Ningbo, which both won, issued a 6 billion yuan bid for the U.S. auto safety system KSS last February. The company, which is the world's fourth largest car safety company, is smaller than Germany's otto liffe, Japan's takata, and TRW, one of the world's top 100 auto parts. The merger was successfully passed in June last year. On the day of the successful takeover of the company, it was announced that KSS would be involved in the acquisition of takata airbags.

According to king's landing, the world's most powerful and closed car eco-chain is about to break into a barbarian.

For a long time, the global auto industry have been big three keep a stranglehold on Japan, Germany, the United States, according to the journal of the American automotive news release of the top global auto parts suppliers, 100 companies listed in 2016, in Japan, the United States, Germany, the three countries combined 73 companies, in a position of monopoly.

And Japan's ecosphere, the most closed, with the help of a subsidiary for takata airbag, will have the opportunity to enter such an ecological circle.

The world always has a new opportunity. Although Sweden Autoliv Autoliv is eager to participate in acquisition of rie but with 30% of the world's first share, after the acquisition of high, will become the absolute monopoly of security system, for any car oems, are the most is not willing to see the situation.

So the opportunity was left to the fourth youngest. The company's annual revenue is only $1.5 billion, less than a third of that of takata. But the delicate situation has made it a priority candidate.

Now, the company is in the best position and timing for the acquisition of takata. If he can eat takata, the company has a business of $8 billion, gaining ground on the world's no. 1 position in the security system. This is the best opportunity for both of them to enhance their global supply chain, and their customer channels will cover all automotive companies around the world. More important, it will be able to break into Japan's deepest market. This, in turn, makes the merger significant.

Founded in 2004, the company, which has a life expectancy of less than 13 years, has created a technology acquisition path to expand its international reach.

The company, which is based in ningbo, received about 18.6 billion yuan in revenue in 2016, up 130 percent year-on-year. The most notable is its international swift and fierce offensive, the company since 2011 have bought car electronic pury PREH Germany, Germany's robot IMA QUIN, Germany, in 2016 through the merger KSS TS (PCC) and Germany into the car safety and car networking domain.

In the automotive industry, the biggest symbol of industrial civilisation, the electronics industry is seriously entering the ranks of the top companies in car parts. Its skilful internationalisation of mergers and acquisitions may be the quickest way for China to make its way to power.

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