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The hechuan industry is a big one

Date: 2013-11-29
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[abstract] in 2007, the second year of the construction of hechuan city, the industrial production value exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time, which ranked more than 20 in the city. Subsequently, hechuan district as the new industrial main battlefield, the total industrial output of the industry has skyrocketed, reaching 138.3 billion yuan last year, and the city's ranking has risen to 12.


Baic yinxiang production line


Assembling a new car


The new car  of Baic YinXiang 

In 2007, it was the second year of hechuan's evacuation of the city, and the industrial production exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time. Subsequently, hechuan district as the new industrial main battlefield, the total industrial output of the industry has skyrocketed, reaching 138.3 billion yuan last year, and the city's ranking has risen to 12.

The most important reason for the rapid development of the industry in hechuan area is to use the local people's words.

The women of the fields are now dammed and dancing every day

Ocean zone soil field under HuaYingShan town, a straight spacious silver cheung road through the foothills, the avenue is lined with plants on both sides.

"Back 7 years ago, here is just a barren hills gully HuaYingShan area." Tang xingju, a villager of three villages in the town, told the chongqing evening news, "no one had expected that in just a few years, three villages would become a modern motor city."

Tang xingju lived in the town for 56 years. She remembers that when she was young, the town was a remote town, and in the 1970s there was a simple rural road that led to dongyang in beibei district. Many years ago, the brother of tang xingju was ill, even to the nearest east Yang, it would take more than two hours, only to see him die.

After 2010, all three village villagers became urban residents, and tang xingju moved to a new home, and sons, daughters-in-law and most of the villagers became employees of beiqi yinxiang.

"A total of 21 square kilometers, a total of 21 square kilometers, is the tianding group of hechuan industrial park." Zhou dongwei, who was then head of the zenith group, told chongqing evening news that the two towns had a weak industrial base. Qingping town glass industry is relatively famous, but the scale is small, and the town of tiefield has a matching enterprise wenan machinery, the annual output value is just over 100 million yuan, is a large local industry. The sutra - mechanical boss is introduced to the integrated development project of yinxiang industrial town.

"Now, we are used to the new place in the tianzhe industrial zone, which is completely urbanized, hospitals, schools, supermarkets and even cinemas," tang said. The rural women who used to go to the fields are now doing the dam dance in the square every day.

Open a door on a Shared fence

In 2010, silver xiang, who struggled for more than 10 years in the motorcycle industry, had the idea of transforming and upgrading a car to build a position in the town. The former general manager of chongqing yinxiang group became a key figure, and he came to study in hechuan district at the top of baic group.

In the area of the city, the area of the city is wide and flat. Why choose to build a new town in the rugged terrain? For many locals, ocean area, explains the rationality of the choice: "each other form a complete set, two companies of one wall lie between, products on the walls of the sharing through a doorway, closer cooperation, this is the partition of the economics effect, in the regional cooperation."

In 1954, it was in hechuan, but it was only 20 kilometers from chongqing city, and only 10 kilometers from the two rivers. According to the understanding of the ocean,, here is the play to partition effect best, direct result is the zenith industrial zone industrial land price is only half of the liangjiang new area, than any other city area is also low, utility costs, construction costs and labor costs are low.

A car factory can't be built on a rugged hillside. The leader of hechuan district promised to complete the land demolition and demolition field of 1100 mu in 4 months as a precondition for the contract. In the end, 1,100 mu of land was demolished for 42 days and 55 days in a flat field. At the speed of hechuan speed, 97 days later, the head of the north auto company came to chongqing again and signed a contract for 300,000 vehicles in hechuan district.

Not a word, not a big one

"Baic Yin xiang signed a contract to make hechuan district also enter the construction of a car, which is a lot of hechuan people before to imagine." Zhou dongwei told the chongqing evening news that there were a number of microcar companies in chongqing prior to the north bank.

The hechuan car project is moving rapidly, and is holding hands with baic, one of China's top five auto groups, to a surprising number of people in the industry. "A lot of people describe, yinxiang, hechuan did not say a word not to give up a big daiwa.""Said zhou.

It was also surprising that the speed of the construction of baic, which started from the ground-breaking point to the start of production, took only 19 months to create the fastest speed of the Chinese auto industry from construction to production. In September 2012, it was officially put into operation and three production platforms rolled out nine cars. In 2014, the phantom speed SUV went on sale for only three months, jumping into the top three of China's independent brand SUV sales. Between 2012 and 2016, the number of cars produced from less than 10,000 vehicles grew to 300,000, a 40-fold increase. From 2012 up to now, the company has accumulated 80 million cars and 40 billion yuan worth of revenue. In the first quarter of 2017, beiqi yinxiang car produced 7.82 million vehicles, with an output value of 4.8 billion yuan, and the annual output value of the car is estimated to be 350 thousand yuan, and the output value is 25 billion yuan.

Ocean area via letter Yuan Xiaoqin, director of the committee, told the chongqing evening news reporter, baic silver cheung before putting into production, building materials industry is on the first pillar industries, there are dozens of companies, including nine gold, tenghui and other well-known enterprises, output value is 10.2 billion RMB, which accounts for 23% of gross value of industrial output. In 2016, beiqi yinxiang produced 300,000 vehicles per year, and hechuan was the first to have 10 billion enterprises, as well as 100 key enterprises in chongqing. Starting from the third quarter of 2012, the equipment manufacturing industry with the core of automobiles and motorcycles exceeded the energy construction industry and became the no.1 pillar industry in hechuan district.

According to the study of more than ocean area, he says, is "from scratch on the car industry, rapid growth is on the first pillar industries, and its place in the chongqing automobile industry, Bai Tianming." As general manager of beiqi yinxiang automobile co., LTD., bai tianming was awarded the chongqing fumin xingyu contribution award, and was named as the outstanding entrepreneur of chongqing municipal level in 2016.

Industrial growth sees hechuan

19.3% of the city

In 2016, the total industrial output value of hechuan district was 138.36 billion yuan, up 15.2%. Among them, the total output value of the industry was 84.44 billion yuan, up 19.3%, which was the first in the city.

66.2% of the dominant industry proportion

Industrial growth sees hechuan

In 2016, there were 49 new enterprises in hechuan and 359 industrial enterprises. A total of 173 enterprises, with a year-on-year increase of 26. Three companies, including baic Yin xiang and shun bo aluminum, have been shortlisted for the top 100 enterprises in chongqing last year. We will focus on developing a large industrial cluster of information technology mainly based on automobile and motorcycle equipment manufacturing, consumer products with medical health and information security. Last year, the total output value of the three leading industries was 91.61 billion yuan, accounting for 66.2 percent of total industrial output.

37 percent of equipment manufacturing

The equipment manufacturing industry continues to lead. With baic silver cheung, specific speed car, silver cheung for leading companies such as MOTOROLA, leading the rapid advances in equipment manufacturing industry, equipment manufacturing industry output value reached 50 billion yuan, in 2016 total industrial output value proportion was 37%.

Southwest 1st characteristic glass industry base

The information technology industry is developing rapidly, and key projects such as hengxin tianji and zte are progressing smoothly. Last year, the value of the information technology industry in the hechuan area exceeded 10 billion yuan, and the output value of the consumer goods industry exceeded 30 billion yuan. Among them, the production value of daily glass manufacturing is 3.75 billion yuan, and the qingping glass characteristic industrial base has developed into the first and second largest glassware production base in the southwest. Tianjia commodity development has become the second largest vacuum flask manufacturer in China. Hechuan district has become the second largest leisure food production base in chongqing.

The growth of hechuan depends on the sky

12 square kilometers of industrial land area

Zenith group is located in the southeast ocean area in the town of town of clay, qingping, planning area of 21 square kilometers, including 12 square kilometers land for industry, ocean area is implementing the development strategy of chongqing five functional areas, based on the city development zone industry the main orientation, cohesion of billions of level is given priority to with automobile and motorcycle equipment manufacturing industry cluster and the auto industry a new town, Ocean Park construction in the Yangtze river economic belt is the core carrier of the transformation and upgrading of national demonstration zone.

23 billion yuan in place

Since 2012, the zenith group has made a total of 39.748 billion yuan of investment funds, with a total capital of 230.69 billion yuan. In addition, we have included 87 large and medium-sized enterprises, including baic xiang, bi - speed automobile, China micro automotive, South Korea, and zhejiang Asia Pacific. Including industrial enterprises above designated size 58, billions level a enterprise, enterprise level 1 billion 4, $24 level enterprises, forming automobile and motorcycle vehicle manufacture, automobile and motorcycle spare parts, accessories trade and modern commercial logistics three clusters.

450,000 vehicles a year

Through the leading of the faucet, strengthen the local supporting facilities, in the tip-top group, the automobile whole industry chain, which is represented by the beiqi silver xiang and the speedcar, can produce up to 450,000 vehicles a year. After the expansion of the two vehicles, the annual capacity will be increased to 800,000 vehicles.

Growth of industrial production

There are 28 supporting enterprises, including engine, car chassis, body, electrical equipment, gearbox and other core components and valves, car seats, interior and exterior accessories, exterior parts, etc. In 2016, the total industrial output of the group was 33.03 billion yuan, 4.4 times that of 2012 (7.58 billion yuan) and an average annual growth of 34%. Among them, the total industrial output value of the regulation is 28.815 billion yuan, 4.7 times that of 2012 (6.14 billion yuan) and an average annual growth of 36%. The total investment in industrial fixed assets was 9511 million yuan, 4.5 times that of 2012 (21.05 billion yuan) and an average annual growth of 35 percent.

Chongqing no.2 automobile production base

The revenue of the total jurisdiction was 861 million yuan, 7.1 times that of 2012 (121 million yuan) and an average annual growth of 48%.

With the development of the brand in the domestic and foreign markets, the automobile industry has become the first pillar industry in hechuan, and the sky top group has become the second largest automobile production base in chongqing.

(chongqing evening news reporter Chen fuyong bikqin photography report)

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