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    Identification of product: 415CDisplacement: 1.5LSupporting manufacturers: BAICYINXIANGMatching model: Miniature/SUV
    415 C an engine cylinder head is machinery for baic yinxiang company custom four-cylinder engine cylinder head, main adapter baic car models, its superior performance, high pass rate, an mechanical consecutive for baic yinxiang company
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Earth field: to build an important industrial town

Date: 2013-11-28
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Hechuan beiqi xiangxiang automobile production base panoramic hechuan district earth town for the map

Zhang binbin, reporter of the morning post reporter jiang yan

From the signing of the contract to the foundation, the northern qi xiang took only four months; It took less than two years to build from inception to production. This is the "north steam silver flying speed" that was set in hechuan.

Hechuan district soil town, 20 km from the main city, 10 km from the two jiangxin district. Suburban railway, three-ring highway, silver xiang avenue, guangyu expressway "three horizontal and one vertical" transportation network, let the earth field integrate into the "half hour traffic circle" of chongqing and hechuan main city.

With baic silver cheung, annual output of 300000 cars for bibcock concentration of soil in more than 300 components supporting enterprises, July 1 - this year, the gross industrial output value "inverse city" growth billions, automobile and motorcycle industry town of effect, is expected to achieve gross value of industrial output 70 billion yuan in 2020.

Attract "golden phoenix" by merchants

From the main city of G75 yuwu expressway, the dongyang lower road, five minutes can reach the beiqi yinxiang industrial zone. A large number of flatbed cars filled with cars pass through the street. In the middle of a large workshop, the four words "baic silver xiang" stand tall and can be seen from far away.

The land has been known as "the land of foundry", and "baic" has become a big event in the industrial development of hechuan and chongqing. Today, the earth has become a famous industrial town in chongqing and even southwest China.

Speaking of "baic", there is a story of "merchant investment". In 1997, he founded chongqing wenda machinery manufacturing co., LTD., and returned to his home in 2000 to set up a business in the production industry of the motorcycle cylinder head. With the improvement of traffic conditions, the land town between the second and third rings became the "hot property". In 2008, wen guofu "merchants investment", introduced the silver xiang motorcycle.

"There was only one dirt road from chongwu to the earth. We hit the whole valley, open up a two-way six-lane avenue, "clay town party secretary Wang Yuanming tells a reporter, silver cheung again" to business investment ", and through the efforts of ocean district party committee, the district government, attracted the only golden phoenix "Beijing". According to wang, within three to five years, one or two leading companies will be introduced, as well as influential supporting enterprises.

More than 3,000 people will return to work

In silver cheung motor city, before a new four layers of office building, chongqing wen, wen da hung machinery co., LTD., two pieces of brand, respectively, the production automobile, motorcycle cylinder head, cylinder head for baic silver cheung, dongfeng well-off, brilliance xinyuan do the truck, and foreign sales of spare parts. The office building was newly renovated in January, and more than 3,900 square meters, bright and modern.

"At first the factory only dozens of people, a dirt road suvs get", says LeiQingMing, general manager of chongqing an machinery co., LTD., is on district party committee, the district government, clay town party committee, the government gave great support, now road spacious, form a complete set of perfect step by step. In order to move the new plant, we quickly implemented the land and actively coordinated the procedures. The new plant covers an area of nearly 200 mu. In the first half of last year, wenan machinery new plant put into operation, wenda machinery will complete the relocation next month, "the good environment makes the enterprise develop faster, the new plant has invested more than 200 million, the staff has more than 1,300 people."

As industrial companies have settled in the soil, tens of thousands of people have been employed, and more than 3,000 have returned home. Wang hao, 35 years old is an machinery production minister, had been working outside, several years back to a trip home, wang hao and his wife both work back to chongqing this year, "near home, can take care of a family, the heart is steadfast."

At present, the three levels of "linkage investment" of district, town and enterprise, including 61 industrial enterprises, including automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing and coal mining, of which 21 are "industrial enterprises of larger scale".

Work is secure and comfortable

On September 2, a theatrical performance was taking place in the community of sankou, a town in the town of hechuan. The performance was in the central square of the three jiayuan, where the 73-year-old summer mother-in-law shook the pup, laughing and saying, "it looks good!"

All of the 17 buildings in jiayuan are all six stories. The center square has fitness equipment, leisure chairs, publicity columns and recruitment information. This is a community of three communities, housing more than 4,000 people, and two elevator buildings are completed, the fastest end of the year.

The village, Yang liucun, and three communities in the soil field have centralized the villagers. At present, is building a commercial pedestrian street, the introduction of the cinema, large-scale comprehensive supermarkets, initial success is expected next year, there are more than hundreds of restaurants, supermarkets, entertainment and other tenants, silver detailed check-up middle school, southwest university has admissions in September of this year will also be construction and expansion of the elementary school, etc. Make silver xiang hot spring, long lake ecological leisure tourism, "wartime children BaoYuHui directly under the third nursery" patriotism education base 3 big tourism projects, let the worker "work in the field, play games in the soil, eat live in earth".

Number of read clay

In 2014, the GDP of the town of hechuan was 23.58 billion yuan, with a total industrial output value of 10.74 billion yuan, and the town had a public budget of 280 million yuan.

From January to July 2015, the total industrial output of the town was 10.09 billion yuan, up 101.3 percent year on year. Enterprises of scale 9.57 billion yuan, up 120.5% year on year. (source: chongqing morning post)

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