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In the 15th consecutive months, the industry growth rate is the highest in the city

Date: 2013-11-29
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连续15个月工业增速位居全市前列 合川这份成绩单诀窍在哪

Hechuan district beiqi yinxiang automobile co., LTD., the SUV production line workers are busy. Journalist's hard shot

On April 27th morning, the reporter arrived at the ocean of chongqing specific speed automobile co., LTD., production workshop, only 350 work but go around the machine arm, spectacular, let a person feel the vitality of the industrial development in this region.

From January 2015 to March 2016, the industrial value added value of the area of hechuan district ranked first in the city for 15 consecutive months with a growth rate above 12.2%. As a city with weak industrial base, the report card is really bright!

Seize development opportunities

Laying the foundation of the "billions of industries"

"It's been a few years." When it comes to grades, li yinglan, the party secretary of hechuan district, admitted.

At the beginning of the rule, the total output value of hechuan industry was only 23.82 billion yuan, and it was only in 2007 that it exceeded the 10 billion yuan mark for the first time in 2007. After only six years, hechuan industrial output value exceeded 100 billion yuan. By the end of last year, the value of hechuan industrial production surged by more than 30 billion yuan, to 138.36 billion yuan.

Mr. Li said that in the early years, hechuan was mainly building materials, accounting for 80 percent of industrial output, and other industries were small. At that time, hechuan industrial park, textile, machinery, processing and other enterprises crowded together, a glance, disorderly.

However, as the city development new area, hechuan takes industry as its foundation. The trend of the development of counties and counties in the whole city has been swift and rapid. How can hechuan break through?

"We have combed through our own situation." Li said that the biggest advantage of hechuan is location positioning. In terms of geographic location, is on guard the north gate of chongqing, distance liangjiang new area only 20 kilometers, back to downtown chengdu, oriented YuBei, YueChi east, south by beibei, bishan, west even TongLiang, model.flood-control, north wusheng, peng creek, radiation with a population of more than 1800, ten thousand people, and stronger in this region, not only can strong hold up the development of chengdu-chongqing economic belt, can also improve surrounding suining, nanchong, waste and other cities.

This location provides a natural advantage for hechuan to undertake industrial transfer. At that time, the world industrial transformation and upgrading fadein, coastal industry also began to transition, chongqing metropolis circle of "half astern into three" is inevitable, and the ocean is located in between the second and third ring road, is a natural harbor to undertake industry shift away from downtown.

"With a more accurate analysis of the situation, we have more confidence, and then the industry." Li Yinglan said, whatever is on development, it has always been part of the development of chongqing, chongqing is always inseparable from the big environment, the advantage of the existing industry in chongqing, based on automobile and electronic information, plus on the traditional consumer goods manufacturing industry, three big industrial pillar industries be vividly portrayed.

In 2010, hechuan took the initiative to approach baic group, one of the country's top five carmakers. However, Beijing auto group chairman Xu Heyi to ocean research, does not take much interest in this place, he said: "used to stay in the north, is plain areas, the terrain ups and downs, how to build a car?"

"Four months to complete demolition, flat field work." Hechuan immediately made a statement.

Optimized spatial layout

We will promote industrial agglomeration and development

Situation, make a decision on: the past a garden more than six points garden mode, adjust the zenith, rival, grass street for industrial park, the three major groupings and to determine the main development direction: zenith group planning area of 21 square kilometers, of which 12 square kilometers of industrial land, and according to the south park location is divided into automobile and motorcycle vehicle manufacturing area, central parts manufacturing area, northern minicars accessories trade services; The planning area of nanxi group is 59 square kilometers, focusing on information technology and medicine health industry. The planning area of the grass street group is 31.4 square kilometers, with a focus on the information security industry.

"To tighten your fist is to make it better." According to yuan xiaoqin, director of the trust committee of hechuan district, the centralized layout will not only help save land, but also facilitate the development and division of labor cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises, accelerating the formation of industrial chains.

She used an economic term "partition effect" to explain: the two enterprises are separated by a wall, the products are complementary to each other, and open a door on the common wall, the cooperation is more closely.

In practice, after optimizing the spatial layout, the faucet effect of beiqi yinxiang became more obvious. After data showed that baic silver cheung in ocean, quickly brought many form a complete set of upstream and downstream enterprises, only the zenith group has more than 70 enterprises to form a complete set, and in the entire ocean area, baic silver cheung supporting more than 100 enterprises. Data shows, as vehicle manufacturers, baic silver cheung has 30% of the parts on to form a complete set, there are 70% of the parts within the scope of chongqing to form a complete set, greatly reduces the enterprise logistics cost. But originally just barren hills and barren land town, also borrowed from the auto parts and parts industry, formed a magnificent steam industry belt.

In 2016, the industrial concentration of hechuan district reached 71.2%, and the cluster effect of the park was highlighted. But yuan xiaoqin is not satisfied: "far away in the United States, there are more than 8,800 companies in the aircraft manufacturing industry. In kunshan, China, all parts of a computer can be purchased or produced locally, and both are templates for our learning. , she thinks, the market economy is decided by market production and trade between the driver, the abortion and logistics directional concentrated, more conducive to form scale effect, more comprehensive utilization of raw materials, energy and "three wastes" resources, to produce more cheap and fine products and reduce pollution, therefore, continue to optimize the space layout, will also be on industrial power direction of next step.

Integrate the garden city

Ensure continuous industrial development

People are the core competitiveness of industrial development and the key to long-term sustainable development of industry.

The zenith group is located in the middle of the earth, qingping and pingping, which is a remote area of hechuan, with a total population of less than 40,000 people, and the infrastructure is seriously lagging behind. As a result, tens of thousands of people poured in, and tens of thousands of workers and industrial workers flocked to the city, and the lack of supporting facilities became a major obstacle to the future "motor city". How to retain talent, the new project to hechuan.

"At that time, there was a lack of support, and a lot of villagers pushed small diners to the gate of the factory to sell their food.""Even in industrial parks, there must be schools, hospitals, businesses and real estate," he said. "we must have comprehensive supporting functions."

As a result, the change of urban expansion in the neighborhood for the past development of new residential and commercial mode, the industrial park as the city planning and construction, comprehensive, promote to form a new urban area, urban expansion.

For example, focusing on the industrial layout, we will focus on building the tianzhe auto city, xiaoanxi science and technology eco-city, the grass street information security industry town, and accelerate the construction of infrastructure and production and living facilities. On April 27, the reporter zenith group saw on industrial park, factory here next to the silver xiang city commodity housing estates, commercial, hospitals, kindergartens, farmers market, etc from soup to nuts, compared with pure plant model.

"There's been a lot of change." Clay town residents Yang Shengju said, the original town only a dirt road, sunny days a gray rainy day in mud from head to foot, especially in rainy day, can only wear boots with catch, and now the road in repair, "wearing high-heeled shoes, white shoes it doesn't matter."

Such conditions allow many people to settle down willingly. 41, workers da-jun liu has been working in guangzhou, as the change of home conditions, conveniently returning home, he also entered the Beijing silver cheung production workshop work, also in the nearby village bought a set of housing, live a "workshop on the doorstep" easy and comfortable life.

According to the data, over the past five years, hechuan has cultivated more than 54,000 talents, providing a solid talent for the development of industry in this area.

The relevant officials in hechuan district told reporters that they are confident to maintain the current momentum of development and strive to achieve a total industrial output of 350 billion yuan by 2021. The reporter was surprised to hear the number, but he thought it was liberating. Perhaps, grasps the pulse of industrial development and transformation and upgrading, will have so bottom gas!

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